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Splash (2)Welcome to Quilter’s Thread, The Mobile App for Quilters.

Our mission is to use technology to create local communities of people, small businesses and organizations in the quilting industry.

Quilter’s Thread is a quilting resource and a marketing tool for member organizations.

For Quilter-Makers…



For shops, online retailers, individual service providers and guilds…


ensure that customers can find you and to communicate with them is by using Quilter’s Thread

  • DISSEMINATE information about your organizationScreenshot_2014-11-17-10-21-45
    • Location, hours, contact information. Put it all in the app, customers will find you. Mapping and phone-from-app features make it easy for quilters to contact you.
  • POST newsletters and event information
    • Your information won’t be lost in email clutter again. It will be easily found in the app.
  • COMMUNICATE real-time news
    • Get the word out, even if it is last minute. Real-time communication with all app users keeps your organization on their minds.
  • ENGAGE quilters
    • Those who are already your customers, as well as those who should be.
  • GROW your business using cutting-edge technology
    • You take advantage of the technology, our team takes care of the headaches.

Our Team is here to help….Use our tools and ideas. Tell us what you need, we’ll support your marketing efforts.

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