Quilter’s Thread Starting Tuesday Tutorials (and other quilting stuff)

Quilter’s Thread is a mobile app for connecting quilters and organizations and sharing information and resources.

We’re new…officially launched last month, but we’ve got a lot going on at Quilter’s Thread.  You’ll see these things in the app, and in our Tuesday and Thursday quilt blogs and posts.

Starting next week, we’ll be doing “Tuesday Tutorials.” Each Tuesday we’ll post a video tutorial in the app, and you can read about it here.  These tutorials will show all the cool things you can do with the app, as well as the cool things you find in it.

Basically, the app is organized with a social feed for communicating among quilters and organizations, and libraries of information for you reference in making quilts. Simple concept, but the app incorporates many cool features that we’ll tell you about.

The libraries are building, albeit a bit slowly for my taste. However, our company is young and I have to be patient. We have a small, brilliant, underpaid staff. I can’t push them too hard- we (all the app users) need them for the long haul.

Our Thursday posts will highlight what’s actually going on in the app. What projects we’re doing, what library is being focused on, etc.

Finally, Wisconsin Quilt Expo 2015 is a ways off, but it’s not too early to tell you that Quilter’s Thread will, again, be an Expo Sponsor. We’ll be there promoting our Quilter’s Thread Member Shops, and, we’ll have some great promos going for our app users.

SiestaIf binding doesn’t count, I just finished a greek key motif quilt made in a color scheme inspired by Van Gogh’s Siesta. You can see it in Show & Tell on the app. I’m working on some modern “Wonky Butterfly” quilts. I won’t have time to quilt them for a while, so I’ll post the quilt tops next week.

As always, tell us what you need. It will go to the top of our to-do list.

Happy quilting,


Lisa Berentsen

Founder and President of Quilter’s Thread

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