Tuesday Tutorial- Quilter’s Thread App Overview

At Quilter’s Thread, our mission is to use technology to create local communities of people, small businesses and organizations in the quilting industry. We’re doing that primarily with our mobile app, Quilter’s Thread.  We hope the app will provide everything a quilter needs to know in one place, wherever you are.

A video version of this overview is posted in the app library under Resources/App Tutorials. As you probably know, the app is currently available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It is very easy to use and has two primary functions- one is a social communication feed, the other is static content.main screen

As you can see from our main screen, we have areas with information about Shops, Online Shops, Guilds and Organizations, a Resource Library, Events, News and Offers.


In the app, organization information appears first as a list- with shops near your actual physical location appearing at the top of the list. When you select an organization, the live feed comes up first, with location details, events and offers accessible by touching buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The details area shows the organization first on a map- where you can get directions from your location and basically use all the mapping functions we are accustomed to with any mobile device.

You can access the organization’s contact information, hours and other details by touching the other tabs. Each screen has many cool features built in, like dial from the app, link to the website, etc.

You can also see the organization’s news and events and any special offers they have posted.


Besides the organization information and conversation threads, users can access the Quilter’s Thread library of resources.

This area is organized by subject, beginning with App Tutorials and including:

  • Group Project where anyone can weigh in on the design of a quilt, and, eventually, we finish the quilt as users choose and post the pattern.
  • Patterns where you’ll find discussion in the feed and actual patterns found under the reference section
  • Show & Tell where users can upload photos into the live feed. Incidentally, each month, a Show & Tell contributor receives a gift certificate to spend at any Quilter’s Thread member shop.
  • Other Libraries include The Basics, Sizes and Measures and Quilting and Finishing. We’re continually adding to these libraries. If there’s something you need now, let us know, we’ll push it to the top of our to-do list.

Quilter’s Thread will continue to provide useful content and promotions that encourage users to participate and to patronize our member organizations.

If you have questions, you can send them to us through the app, or email us at info@quiltersthread.com.

Next Tuesday, we’ll post a Tutorial showing how to interact in the social feed.

Lisa Berentsen

Founder and President of Quilter’s Thread

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