Use Quilter’s Thread to Market Your Organization

iPhone splashMaintaining a presence on social media outlets can be costly and time-consuming. Quilter’s Thread mobile app will help you connect with your customers and all the local quilters near you. It is the only tool you’ll need to engage customers and bring in new ones. That means no more wasted time or effort on other marketing and social media efforts.

As a local business, you know how important to reach out to customers and keep them involved with your shop and the local quilting community. As a Quilter’s Thread member organization, your up to the minute information will be posted and all quilters who view your feed or favorite your shop will be informed immediate. With just a touch of the finger you can easily upload information and share things with your audience, or you can email it to us, and we’ll post it for you.

Some ways your organization can use Quilter’s Thread to gain attention and engage quilters are:Screenshot_2015-01-31-16-27-38

  1. Post photos in your feed. Quilter’s love pictures.
  2. Use the live feed for current announcements and reminders
  3. Add content such as newsletters, videos, flyers and deals
  4. Post your offers
  5. Have your customers download the app and favorite your shop- they’ll get notification of all your posts.
  6. Post Quilter’s Thread links and logos on your website and provide your logos and links for the QT site.  Having links and having your site linked to ours will improve your spot in the search engines.
  7. Be aware of Quilter’s Thread offers and promotions and tell your customers. Our gift certificates are only good with Quilter’s Thread member organizations, and we want those dollars spent with you.

Remember, if you’re not a member, you need to join. Go to our website:, or email:, or call: 608-751-3248.

Our mission is to help create local communities of people, small businesses, and organization in the quilting industry. Let Quilter’s Thread get to work for you!

Lisa Berentsen

Founder and President of Quilter’s Thread

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