Incorporate Spring Colors of 2015

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With a new year brings new ideas, designs, and trends. Like every other year there is a new list of colors and shades that are popular for each season of the year that are great for adding to any design. With spring weather arriving soon, it’s time to start getting out different shades of green and blue colors to help brighten up your home decor and style. Here are some colors to get you started on what you may want to incorporate into your spring quilts this year.


According to Pantone Fashion color report, aquamarine is one of the top trending colors this spring. Aquamarine is a calming and cool light blue color that is perfect for this spring style.

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Scuba Blue

Scuba Blue is a nice tropical ocean shade that adds a splash of vibrant bright blue to any project. This sea breeze shade is a great way to kick off the start of a bright spring quilt design perfect for sunny days.

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Lucite Green

Lucite Green is a light mint shade that is a soothingly refreshing color great for any quilt pattern or design fit for this spring season.

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Classic Blue

Although classic blue may seem too generic for a trending color for this spring it is a great shade that acts as an anchor for the rest of the shades above when incorporating them in a quilt.

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Glacier Gray

This color is great for enhancing other shades while sticking out but without taking any of the lime light from other brighter shades. This neutral shade of grey is just the right touch of simplicity that is soothing and timeless.

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Even among these similar colors, the options for your quilts are limitless. Look at how they play out differently in the same pattern:

Trending Blue- Squares                       Trending Blue Squares 2

Combine any or all of these top trending shades from Pantone for spring 2015 into the perfect quilt for this season. Get creative and make sure to share with us your finished design on our mobile app.

Live Well. Quilt Well.


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