Six Reasons Quilter’s Thread is Great for Your Business

Increase your marketing exposure immensely using Quilter’s Thread app. In 2013, Social Media Marketing Industry Report showed that 89% of businesses who dedicate their time to social media marketing have increased overall market exposure. To improve market exposure more significantly, use specific media platform that is dedicated to your niche audience. For the quilting industry, that platform is Quilter’s Thread.

Here are six ways Quilter’s Thread will benefit the success of marketing your business.

1. Showcase Your Brand Image

Building a strong reputation for your organization by establishing and maintaining a presence on social media is a necessity in the business world today. Using Quilter’s Thread to regularly update your customers and prospects positions you and your company as an authority. Your messages will work on all objectives: creating brand awareness, relationship building and driving new sales. It’s just a matter of doing it.

2. Create Loyalty with Local Audiences

Quilters are drawn to active and lively environments where they know people. When your customers know you and your business, they develop an emotional connection and then become advocates for it. Because of excellent geo-technology, Quilter’s Thread puts you and your business exactly where you need to be to interact with all nearby quilters. Community strength is  a powerful business force; Quilter’s Thread delivers your best opportunity to create a community of loyal, active customers.

3. Boost Overall Exposure Digitally

Quilter’s Thread provides the tool, and is constantly working to attract and engage quilters. With that part done for you, all you have to do is communicate. Studies have proven that businesses using social media networks two to three times a week will increase their online presence significantly. In addition, the connections between your website and Quilter’s Thread will boost your SEO rankings and bring more quilters to your site.

4. Expand and Maintain Trust

Building trust with customers is crucial to a successful business. Go the extra mile by providing excellent service through Quilter’s Thread. Using the app to communicate is a great way to provide customers service and experience that goes beyond the walls of your store. Quilter’s Thread has all relevant business information available for prospects and friendly discussion boards for events and projects. By joining Quilter’s Thread, you can participate in the discussion and quilters will see that your business cares and they trust your judgement. This translates into new customers and greater customer satisfaction, which is key to customer loyalty and retention.

5. Increase Sales

Using Quilter’s Thread to engage your customers and prospects will net valuable information about their preferences. This allows you to focus on the products they are most interested in, while educating quilters on what else you’ve got to offer. Prospects are more likely to become customers if you respond to their specific interests in a personal manner, or generate in them a new interest. Customers are likely to stop in more frequently when their interest is piqued. This translates directly to increased sales.

6. Reduce Marketing Costs

For a small annual fee, Quilter’s Thread becomes your marketing partner. Our team works to increase the user base of quilters, to increase your prospect base. We provide app content to encourage repeat visits to the app and increase engagement within it. The app is free to quilters, eliminates the expense of other media, saves the time you would have to spend developing your audience, and increases the bang of newsletters and other marketing efforts.

Quilter’s Thread is providing the bandwagon, jump on today.

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