Chevron Quilt Design Back in Style

Chevron is a pattern that has been around for many centuries now. Chevron is a simple v-shape that appears intricate with its repeated zigzag design in multiple shades of color. It was first found being used on ancient pottery work and rock carvings but throughout history it has been used in many styles of art, clothing, quilts, and other crafts.

Chevron blankets are a popular style that department stores such as Target, JC Penny and Macy’s are currently selling. When buying a chevron blanket, you take the risk of friends and family having the exact same one. So instead make you own chevron quilt. There are many different creative ways to make your chevron quilt unique and one of a kind while also having that modern look, great for any household. Pick out your favorite colors and use multiple shades of that color to make the quilt. Here are a few ideas and examples to help get you started.

Blue Chevron Quilt

One chevron style is picking a color such as blue and using multiple shades of that color in a combined zigzag pattern. You can even pick some blue shades that have designs within it such as dots and checkers, this is another great way to make your chevron quilt even more versatile.

Blue and White Chevron Quilt

If you wanted to get more colors into the quilt design, white is a great color to make blue or any other color pop out. Using  a white shade will make the blue shades more vibrant and more rich. There many other ways to make creative chevron designs and looks, such as adding on a different color to the back of the quilt to switch things up a little bit. This is great if you eventually get tired of the chevron design. By simply turning the quilt over you will have a different design or color shade quilt for the bed.

Pink Ombre Chevron Quilt

Another great style that is becoming popular is ombre. An ombre chevron quilt is one that starts with a light color shading down to its darkest shade of that color. Making an ombre chevron quilt is another way to add your own creative style to your quilt.

Rainbow Chevron Quilt

Another fun chevron style is a rainbow one as shown in the image below.

Zigzag (Chevron)

Design a modern top trending chevron quilt perfect for any bedroom in your home. Use  any of these chevron designs or create your own style and share it with us on our mobile app.

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