Earth Tone Shades Perfect for Spring

Spring time is one of the most exciting times of the year, it means going outside and stretching those legs after a very long and cold winter. Everything seems brighter and open than before. What’s even better is no more bulky layers. Embrace mother earth and her nature’s gift of the great outdoors and bright blue skies. Get ready for this spring by using these perfect earth tone shades to make a quilt perfect for any picnic or outdoor event this spring.


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Treetop is an original earth tone shade that resembles green plants and all eco-friendly symbols; this shade is perfect for any spring design or project.




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This shade is a great neutral tone that works well with the treetop shade.




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This gray purple shade is a perfect earth tone that adds some color to both woodbine and Treetop shades perfectly.




Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.51.15 PM

Lavender Herb

This natural bright earth tone shade is a famous color that is a happy tone perfect for spring. Lavender herb is a great shade to lighten up any design pattern.




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This sandstone is a neutral pink salmon that is great for the spring season and can incorporate well with any other earth tone shade while also lightening up the design.




Here is just one example below of how you can combine these earth tone shades into a unique pattern for your quilt.

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These earth tone shades will blend perfectly outside or inside your home for decoration. Use any of these shades to create a unique natural toned spring quilt. Or even mix it up by adding some of the other trending shades this spring. Make sure to share on our app your finished project.
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