Use Natural Bright Shades for Spring Quilts

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With the sun staying out longer and the air slowly getting warmer, it’s time to start thinking about this spring’s seasonal decorating. That means no more snowflakes or red and green Christmas themed quilts. Instead, it’s time to start heading to your local quilt shops to stock up on the trending fabric shades for this spring in order to make the perfect seasonal quilt. Here are some more bright and natural shades to try out in your quilt pattern for this spring from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2015.


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 Toasted Almond

This is a light sandy nude shade that adds a touch of warmth to your quilt design.This shade is perfect for adding a natural soothing mood and relaxing feeling to your design.


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Strawberry Ice

This is a bright fresh pop of pink shade that is a flattering both for spring and summer quilt designs.



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This shade is a deep red wine shade that is sophisticated and a rich color. Marsala is great shade to match to the rest of the shades listed giving it a bold but elegant contrast to your design while bringing all the lighter shades together into a perfect color blend.


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This is a fun and energetic shade that will add a playful character and mood to your design if incorporated in your spring quilt.


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This custard shade adds a touch of light that is calming but yet bright . This happy shade can help lighten up you quilt pattern in a subtle way without taking away from other shades.


Combine any or all of these spring season shades together to design a quilt perfect for the spring season. Here are just a couple of examples of how you can use these shades to create colorful patterned quilt. Start getting your ideas going and get creative. Begin this spring right with a great quilt.

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