Choosing the Right Thread for Your Quilt

There are so many things that go into making a quilt. There’s the fabric, the pattern, the batting, and all the other necessary tools needed to create a quilt.

However, one of the most important parts of the quilt is the thread. The thread is what  holds everything together and in place. Picking the right thread for your quilt may not seem important when picking it out at first but later down the road when your thread is coming undone, it will. This is why it is important to understand what kind of threads are available and what kind of thread you will need when starting your next quilt project.

Before picking out your thread, first determine what kind of quilt project you are going to start. Are you going to choose to make a quilt by hand? Or will it be by machine? Depending on the answer to this question you can determine what thread you will need in order to get the perfect stitches for your quilt.

So which thread should you use? Here is a list of the various kinds of threads that you can choose from.

100 % Cotton

The best kind of thread to use when quilting is one that is 100% cotton. This is because 100% cotton thread is much more stronger and smoother than any other kind of threads. Plus the thread produces less lint than other lower quality cotton threads, giving you a cleaner stitch.

Aurifil Mako 50 weight cotton thread

This thread has a silky smooth touch and is well known for its high durability. The higher thread weight allows the thread to be thinner and will help enhance your fabric design.

40 weight cotton thread

40 weight cotton thread is best used when using a sewing machine to make a quilt. It’s lighter than the 50 weight cotton thread and it won’t show up as easily on the quilt when making your stitches. Make sure to adjust the settings on the sewing machine as needed if you don’t normally use lighter threads.

28 weight cotton thread

28 weight cotton thread is a good choice when choosing to quilt by hand. The thread is heavy, making the thread able to withstand all the pulling and stretching you will be doing when stitching the quilt together by hand.

Quilting by hand can over time make your finger tips hurt due to putting more pressure on the needle due to the heavier thread. This can make it more difficult for you to pull the thread through by hand. As a solution some quilters suggest using a form of wax on the thread in order to help the thread slide easily through the fabrics and batting of the quilt. One product that helps in particular when threading is Thread Heaven. Thread Heaven is a product that comes in a box containing a conditioner like wax in which you use to spread over your thread making it easier to sew through any kind of fabric.

Polyester thread:

Polyester is also another type of thread that you can choose to use when quilting. Polyester thread is durable and strong allowing the thread to sink further down into the fabric more than regular cotton thread.

Nylon thread:

Nylon is a very fine thread and works very well for applique as well as if you are using the sewing machine. However be cautious when ironing your quilt if you use this kind of thread because of its low resistance to heat. If over heated the thread becomes more brittle and may break off.

Silk thread:

Silk thread is another option to use when quilting. 100 weight silk thread works well for applique as well and will make your stitches nearly invisible to the eye.

Tip: type of color

When picking out your thread keep in mind what shade it is. If the quilt consists of nude shades then pick a similar nude shade for thread such as grey or cream in order to match the quilt. Also make sure you match your color of the binding thread to the binding fabric as well.

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