Connecting the Threads, How Do You Finish?

Finishing a quilt can be such a rewarding feeling with a strong sense of accomplishment. All your hard work has paid off but now there’s just one part left to do, finish the quilt. How you start a quilt is important but so is the method in which you use in order to finish your quilt. There are several ways to finish a quilt using different methods that all get the job done but also give the quilt a different look with each different method used.

1.) The Knot Method

The first technique is the simple easy tie-to-go method more often called the knot method. This method  has some criticism from professional quilters as a sloppy and quick method for finishing a quilt. However, this is a great method for people who are just starting out because it is a more simpler approach making it fun and easy to do for beginners by simply tying the quilt layers together by hand with yarn or embroidery floss. This is also a great method do to if you are making a quilt with a child, since it needs no additional needles or a sewing machine, which can be hazardous around young children. However, if you plan to hold on to the quilt for a long time, I would recommend not using this method because overtime the knots can come undone making the quilt less durable in the future.

2.) Machine Tie Method

The second technique is an alternative to the first, which is using the sewing machine to tie your quilt together instead of doing it by hand. This is a nice technique if you like the tying style but your hands are too tired and or sore to do the actual tying. This a faster approach than the method above and will hold the quilt together longer with the tight sturdy stitches made by the sewing machine.

3.) Hand Quilting with a Hoop

The third method, hand quilting with a hoop, is another great way to finish a quilt. The hoop helps directs you in the right motion of sewing the quilt together. What’s really great about using the hoop method is that it is portable, allowing you to quilt anywhere at anytime whenever you want. A hoop also makes it easier for you to relax while quilting by having it hold everything in place for you while you sew.

4.) Big Stitching Method

The fourth method is quilting with big stitches, which can make the quilting process go faster if you are in a hurry to get the quilt done. This method saves you time but also gives you that nice fine finished look  with smooth stitching. This method is also great if you want the stitches to be noticed or incorporate it into part of the quilt color scheme and or design.

So whats your favorite technique? What method do you use to finish your quilts? Share with us your method on our Quilter’s Thread Mobile App.

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