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Looking to create a quilt that’s different and outside your ordinary design this summer? Try making a baby bubble quilt, also called a biscuit quilt due to its extra puffy blocks of fabric which give the quilt more volume and texture in appearance than a regular quilt design. These baby bubble quilts are a fun project to tackle this summer with its fun quirky appearance just like a colorful sheet of bubble wrap but without the popping!

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These baby bubble quilts are becoming such a hit in the quilting industry and are a fun way to make and are great for all age groups. These bubble style quilts are great with younger children and toddlers, giving them an extra level of padding and support to lay on at home or at the park. Bubble quilts also make great gifts for any family members or friends that gives extra comfort similar to a comforter than a normal quilt does. Determine the level of layers you want in your bubble quilt in order to make it the right level of comfort you see fit.


Tips and information about the baby bubble quilt:

  •  You can either do a regular mitered corner edging around the bubble quilt or you can get creative making a ruffle edging.
  • Making a baby bubble quilt takes extra time due to the extra steps and extra padding that needs to be added individually to each square patch.
  • Since a baby bubble quilt has more padding than a regular quilt, making one will include more math due to the necessary three layers of fabric for each square with the top layers being wider in order to add the stuffing.

Making a baby bubble quilt includes some different steps and techniques in order to create the bubble shaped squares. Further information and instructions to create a bubble quilt can be found at 24 Blocks.

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