Refreshing Summer Quilts

Now that it is finally summertime, you can start getting out the brightest and most colorful fabrics in order to create a quilt as bright as the summer’s day. To help boost your mood even further try working on your quilt outside while getting some natural light and get further inspiration from the outdoors to help you design your best summer quilt. Here are some ideas to help get you started!

Lula Magnolia Panel Quilt

The vibrant summer quilt was  designed by Amy on the Diary of a Quilter website. This quilt uses a combination of bright colors of orange and blue as well as flamingo and flower prints in it. Lula Magnolia precut prints by The Quilted Fish are now available for purchase as of this June through Riley Blake Designs.





Watermelon Table Runner

This sweet refreshing watermelon themed table runner is perfect for any summer party occasion with its vibrant colors and fine detail with a zigzag line running through the watermelon slices in the middle. What makes this summer table runner even more perfect is the little ants crawling around as if to try and eat all the watermelon! This quilted table runner was designed by Caroline. Detailed steps on how to create this watermelon table runner can be found on


Giant Indie Star Quilt

This Indie Star quilt is perfect for your next summer quilt project that is easy and simple to make during the days off from work. The different colors and patterns of fabric make it feel free and calm. What also makes this quilt great is that the fabric chosen that make up the star look effortless and unique. The leftover fabric to make the star was then added to make the border on the outside as well. If you wish to get a little more creative try using what you have left in your scrap bin from previous quilts and create a unique border of your own.

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