Quilter’s Thread App is Available on the Web


We are happy to announce that Quilter’s Thread mobile app is now available on the web. Now you can login to our app from your computer to see all of the daily quilting posts and interaction. You can still login in to Quilter’s Thread mobile app on the iPad and smart phone as well.

If you haven’t already heard, Quilter’s Thread also has a new point system for our app users. This point system will allow you to win monthly prizes based on your level of points per month. So sign in and start using Quilter’s Thread app with whatever electronic device is convenient for you.

Offers and Point System:

  • 10 points = Bronze level= Quilter’s Thread Monthly Pattern
  • 40 points = Silver level= Quilter’s Thread Cloth Bag
  • 75 points = Gold level= $20 Quilter’s Thread Visa Gift Card

The points that you earn will expire at the end of every month and prizes are rewarded if you reach any of the levels at any point during the month. To earn these points start being more active on the Quilter’s Thread mobile app through user interactions and by commenting more on the app. High social engagement such as comments, interactions and survey responses equal 1 point each and 1 point for 3 likes. Communication is key to life and so goes the same for quilting in order to learn new skills. The best way to learn is from others so that is why we want you to jump in and talk with us as well as others on our mobile app.

So check out Quilter’s Thread mobile app and share it with your friends. By checking in and being active on our app you will earn points to receive prizes.

Live Well. Quilt Well.

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