Decorative Stained Glass Themed Quilts



Stained glass themed quilts look and appear similar to the beautiful stained glass windows you seen in old historical churches and buildings around the world. What’s great about making a stained-glass quilt is that it can come in many different styles, themes and techniques. You can also use some of your left over scrap fabrics when making a stained-glass quilt because of the many different shapes and sizes each window section of the quilt will be.

There are different ways to make a stained glass quilts. If all of your parts for the quilt are straight-edged then it is easy to just simply piece it all together. However, the common technique to use is applique.

Some techniques include:

  • Traditional pieced style that has a black binding that is appliqued after the piecing so that it separates the sections of the window making it appear as light is shinning through the colored pieces.
  • The paper piecing technique using foundation piecing patterns is another way to make a stained glass quilt.
  • “Crazy piecing” that is done by cutting pieces of fabric and attaching black snipped pieces of fabrics and then attaching it to the cut away section in order to build up the whole look of the stained glass window is yet another way.

Here are just a few different kinds of stained glass quilts you can make:


1.) Two Panels of Stained Glass by Cindy Jo Shellhaas – Feeser

This stained glass quilt is perfect to use as a table runner that will help add some color to your table and lighten up the room while also making it look nice for any occasion throughout the year. To make this kind of stained glass quilt you can try to use some of your left over fabric to make the different colored windows. This quilt is much smaller in size, therefore making it easier to use up some of your left over fabrics.







2.)Batik Stained Glass Quilt

The use of the black lines in between the batik makes the colors more vibrant and blend well together. Black in general is always a great way to make colors pop out of your quilt by making it your background and as a way to divide up the pattern.  In this quilt below the black fabric is cut with straight edges as 1/4″ sashing  between the colored blocks.

For more information about how to make the specific quilt blocks for this stained glass quilt click here.





3.) Colorful Callas – Stained Glass Quilt

This is another great stained glass quilt that uses thinner black bias strips that are placed in between the colors making this quilt seem brighter than the others. This stained glass quilt gives the illusion of  having natural light shine through the quilt making the image of the calla flowers come alive and look extra vibrant. This type of quilt is more complex to make than the others above due to the curved shapes of the flower petals and stems.

For more information on this type of quilt by Arbee Designs Ldt. click here and to get the pattern click here.

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