Block Designs Perfect for A Winter’s Night

Although it just turned October it’s always a good idea to plan ahead on your seasonal themed quilts for other seasons such as winter.With the air getting more brisk, we quilters find ourselves having more time to stay inside and work on our quilt projects. Next thing you know the nights will get longer and the wind will get colder and suddenly it will be December. If you don’t have any projects that you are already currently working on, here are some great ideas of winter themed quilts to get started on before the first batch of snow hits the ground.

1.) Weave a Star


This star block is a great winter themed pattern that you can incorporate into any quilt. Notice how the star requires just once strip of each pattern and then cut into two pieces and placed to look as if it was actually woven over one another. The dark blue fabric as the background makes the star appear as if it is shining bright on a cold winter’s night. The free motion stitching on the dark blue fabric in the background adds a nice touch making it look more distinct and unique.

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2.) Winter’s Themed Snowflake Patch


This is another great block pattern to incorporate into a quilt for winter. The different sizes of dark blue triangles and light baby blue petals create this simple but yet intricate looking snowflake. The white background fabric used allows your eyes to focus on the snowflake as if it is falling out of the sky. A snowflake pattern such as this one is complex and will take a lot of time to complete but is all the more worth it once it is finished.

3.) Outback (Flying Geese) Quilt Block


This quilt block does an excellent job of incorporating shades of forest green and shades of dark blue giving the feeling of being in a forest on a winter’s night. The use of triangles pointing in different directions help give it its interesting motion as of trees blowing in the wind. However, this is an easy quick pattern to sew because of all the half-square triangle pieces as well as the flying geese technique to create this pattern.

To get this pattern click here.

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