New Migration Quilt Pattern

Quilter’s Thread has a new prize this November that you’ll want to get. The new quilt pattern is named the Migration Quilt or is also called the “Geese Migration” Quilt. To receive this quilt pattern you must earn points by commenting and liking on the Quilter’s Thread Mobile App to receive the pattern at the end of the month.


This quilt pattern is made up of a construction of a “Square in a Square” block with little triangles that create lines crossing over each other creating the symbol X. This type of quilt pattern has been made for hundreds of years or more and is a must have staple for any quilter to have in their collection of quilts made. What’s also great about this quilt pattern is that it is easy to make and sew together, great for beginners and experienced quilters alike. This is one quilt that is visually appealing no matter what colors you choose to use and incorporate into your quilt design. Share with us any versions of the migration quilt you have made in the past on our Quilter’s Thread Mobile App.

Remember to stay active on the Quilter’s Thread App in order to earn points to win this free pattern at the end of this month. Comments, uploading photos and responding to surveys generate 1 point each. “Liking” 3 things generates 1 point. 10 points gets a free pattern. 40 points gets a free pattern and a cloth shopping bag. 75 points gets a free pattern, a shopping bag and $20 gift card.

Live Well. Quilt Well.


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