Quick and Easy Candy Cane Quilt

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start planning for Christmas this year. Christmas themed quilts are the perfect gift to give a family member or friend. Making that special person a quilt is great because it is unique and handmade with care and thought. Although it might seem easier and quicker to just head to the first shop and buy them a gift, you can sew them a quilt in quick fashion without it looking incomplete or messy.

Smooth side

Try making this candy cane quilt is a version of a rag quilt that only takes about an hour and thirty minutes to complete. Now you really don’t have any excuse not to make them a quilt. By making them a quilt you can put your talent to use this Christmas and make something for them that you know they will use to keep warm at night. So simply pick out your favorite red and white flannel fabric and get sewing!

Nipper ScissorsFringe side

Here is a break down of basic instruction tips to help you make this candy cane themed quilt this season.

  • First start with 1  3/4 yards of two different 44″ wide fabrics to make a 35″ x 45″ comforter. Flannel works best because it provides it’s own nap and doesn’t require batting.
  • Place the fabrics in a single layer one on top of the other, wrong sides together.
  • Use a long ruler to cut 6″ (or your desired width) diagonal strips. This takes about 20 minutes to do.
  • Flip every other stack so the opposing color shows. Then sew them together using a 3/4″ seam.
  • When the diagonal pieces are stitched back together, trim the edges and stitch a single finishing seam around all four edges, (about 3/4″ from the edge.) This will take about 45 minutes to complete depending on your speed.
  • Then use the nipper scissors (those with really small blades,) to cut the fringe. This will take about 20 minutes to complete.
  • You could save time by sewing the seams by using wider strips, but they’d be harder to cut and would probably require some stitching to keep them from shifting.
Things to remember: keep the seams on the same side so that all of the fringe is on one side and the other side is smooth. This is because the strips on the diagonal will stretch, and because it’s flannel, it’s thick, so a walking foot is helpful. Investing in “nipper” scissors is also really helpful when making this quilt.

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