Tips for Easy to Make Rag Quilts

Rag quilts are always a great way to make a quilt out of any leftover scraps of fabrics you have laying around your work station at home. Whats also great about rag quilts is that you can get creative with what you have for fabric. Such as you can even use old blankets or clothing pieces such as jeans or flannel that your family is no longer using. Turn that old fabric into the perfect rag quilt for trips to the park with the family or even use it as an extra blanket to keep around the living room. Here are some tips and tricks to help guide you to making the perfect rag quilt.

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Tip #1

Any kind of fabric can be used to make a rag quilt, your the options are endless and anything will work well. If you are really concerned about the fabric check to see if it is 100% cotton so that it won’t fray. Another kind of fabric that is good to use is polyester, this too will limit your fabric from fraying overtime. Or you can use Minky fabric which has become a very popular kind of fabric for making baby rag quilts because of its softness. However, keep in mind Minky fabric is more slippery than other fabrics so be careful when cutting it. Take care of it when sewing and when lining up the fabric.

Tip #2

When sewing your blocks together to make the rag quilt make sure that you are alternating the sides from which you begin sewing your blocks together so that your quilt won’t result in a wonky and uneven shape but instead have even smooth sides. You can also use a walking foot to help you while connecting your pieces together to help feed the top and the bottom together evenly.

Tip #3

When making a rag quilt you will be making lots of cuts and snips to your fabric. Invest in excellent scissors in order to properly make cuts and snips to your fabric. There is a wide variety of scissors you can choose from. So simply pick one that has a comfortable grip that you like so that your hand won’t get tired and sore from making so many cuts. Such scissors like Amplify scissors and Fiskars that are specifically made for rag quilts will help get you the results you want.

Tip #4

When you have completed your rag quilt make sure to cut all of the seams. Then throw the rag quilt into the washer running it on a normal cycle. Give your rag quilt a good shake after taking it out of the washer to get rid of any loose threads that may be hanging. Then either let it air dry or throw it in the dryer on normal heat. It is recommended that you use the dryer in order to fluff out the edges of your quilt making it look more like a rag quilt with extra fluffier edges giving it a softer touch.

Stay tuned for another blog next week for more about Minky fabric and how to use it properly in rag quilts. Make sure to share with us your rag quilts on Quilter’s Thread Mobile App. The more active you are on the app the more points you can earn to win monthly prizes such as a free pattern.

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