Improve Your Skills With These Quilting Hacks

Everyone knows that there are different ways and methods to complete a quilt. It seems like everyone is trying to find new “hacks” such as tips and tricks to speed up the process of making a quilt or just simplifying the process. Whether it’s tricks for a fast way to cut your fabric or binding your blocks, everyone wants an easier and simpler method of doing it. So here are some simple quilting hacks that we think are worth knowing and sharing. Enjoy!

  1. Using Large Spools
  • Using a large spool for your sewing machine is worth investing in! Having a large spool enables you to keep on sewing without having to deal with re-threading when you run out of thread on your machine. A tip when using a larger spool of thread is to place it in a teacup or bowl depending on the size of it. Or if you have a cup with a lid that has a hole for a straw (like the image below) would work as well. This will help keep it in place allowing the thread to unravel easily as you sew.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.46.06 AM


2. Trim Corners Twice for A More Precise Cut for Corners & Squares

One quick and easy hack to make your quilt look ten times better is to trim your corners of your quilt twice before turning your quilt inside out to create a more crisp cut and a professional look. By cutting the fabric twice you are giving the edges a sharper edge because there is less fabric making it look sleek and smooth. For full in-depth instructions click here. 


3. How to Use Pins Correctly

Always, always try and use pins when sewing. It helps keeps everything in place. However, there is a right way to be using your pins depending on how you are sewing.

For a sewing machine pin the head off to the right. It is easy to take them out and helps keep everything in place, just make sure to remove them before it hits the needle! Pin about 1 to 1.5″ from the edge of the fabric with pin heads facing down preventing you from poking yourself or the pins latching on to it.

4. Prep and Stack Pieces

Always plan ahead and precut your pieces of fabric to help you save time while also staying focused. By having everything precut you won’t have to stop half way through your sewing to cut more fabric.


5. The Quilting Foot 

The quilting foot or also known as the patchwork foot is a great tool that can be used to get exact 1/4″ seams of stitching with its built-in guide bar for super straight topstitching. This tool is great for single needle application! To use the quilting foot simply align the raw edges of two fabric layers against the guide by the right side of the foot, lower the presser foot and then stitch away.


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Live Well. Quilt Well.


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