New December Pattern Prize – The Winding Christmas Wreath

If you have already finished making our Candy Cane Christmas Quilt from our previous blog post last week here is another project for you to start on this winter! This quilt is called The Winding Christmas Wreath because of its winding thick lines crossing over each other. Why not try making this Christmas Quilt as another great holiday themed quilt to have lying around your living room to keep the family warm through the winter. Or you can even mix it up with other colors besides green and red, just choose whichever shades of fabric you like for the pattern and start quilting.

christmas quilt

Here is a look at two different color variations that you can use to make this Winding Christmas Wreath quilt pattern with. Strips of wide forest green or gold yellow fabric are used as a border to brighten up this winter themed quilt just in time for the holidays. Notice how when you change from using light to dark bold colors of fabric the pattern changes in how it appears to the eye.

Cathy's Quilt (2)

You can get this pattern at the end of the month as a prize when earning your total engagement points on the Quilter’s Thread Mobile App. Comments, uploading photos and responding to surveys generate 1 point each. By “Liking” 3 things generates 1 point. You must earn 10 points to get the free monthly pattern. You must earn 40 points to get the free pattern and a cloth shopping bag. Earn 75 points to get the free pattern, shopping bag and a $20 gift card. So start being active on the Quilter’s Thread Mobile App today!

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