Tricks to Keep Your Workstation Organized – Continued


1. Wall Of Shelves Or Dressers

Having a wall of shelves in your work area room is a great way to store your fabrics and tools and have them in clear view. Or you can use a dresser to store items if you prefer not having them in clear view. Dressers are a great option if you quilt in an area of your home that is also used for gatherings such as the living or dining room.



2. File Your Fabrics 

Another great way to organize fabrics is to file them away in your desk drawer. This is how you can also organize your fabrics and have them near where you are working without having to get up to reach them. You can also organize them by color to make it even easier to find specific fabrics while working.



3. Multi-Use Storage Trays for Little Things

Trays are a great way to organize small quilting items such as pins and clips. You can store them in your desk drawer or on a shelf whichever is easiest for you to access when quilting.


4. Easy Access Tool Board

This is a great way to have your sharp cutting tools safely stored while also in clear view and easy to grab. The metal magnetic board allows for the metal tools to cling to the board without falling ensuring that you won’t lose them. Make sure that if you use this board that it is stored in a safe place away from children.


5. Command Hooks 

Use command hooks to organize all of your rotary quilt rulers and hang them up in view while having it close to your work area. By having things in view instead of stored away will help you find them easier and be able to quickly get your projects completed.


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