Dancing a Jig – Monthly Pattern Prize

This month’s new pattern prize is one you’ll want to get your hands on and is the perfect project to do now that it is finally spring. This quilt pattern is also great for St. Patrick’s Day.  This quilt is called Dancing a Jig because of its playful pattern and looks as if the squares are dancing around. This quilt pattern in the image below uses a dark and light green as well as a dark mustard yellow and light yellow giving it contrast helping enhance the pattern style. You can also mix it up a little and add different shades of colors to the pattern to give it a different illusion.


Dancing a Jig- drawn. Measurements: 71 x 71

Remember to stay active on Quilter’s Thread Mobile App in order to earn points to win this free pattern at the end of this month. Comments, uploading photos and responding to surveys generate 1 point each. Liking 3 things generates 1 point. Earn 10 points gets you a free pattern and 40 points gets you a free pattern and a Quilter’s Thread cloth shopping bag. Earn 75 points gets you a free pattern, shopping bag and a $20 gift card. Make sure to share with us any versions of the Dancing a Jig pattern that you make on Quilter’s Thread Mobile App.

Live Well. Quilt Well.

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