Beginner’s Simple Strip Quilt – Sewing It All Together

After I had finished cutting all of my fabric in the previous blog post, it was then time for me to start quilting all of the pieces together! This is the part that took the most time and focus. I started quilting around 11 a.m. and finished around 4 p.m.that same day.

For this part of the quilting process I used white thread so that it wouldn’t stand out from my fabric in any way. The sewing machine I used was a Janome Gem Gold sewing machine. This sewing machine is a nice lightweight machine that is designed especially for transporting and is a good medium size machine to work with. One part of the sewing machine I want to point out is the foot. This helped me guide my fabric into the sewing machine. I used a quarter inch seam.


Ellen's 1600 Quilt

When making this quilt I sewed the pieces together using a technique called the “1600 Quilt”. Quilter’s Thread Mobile App has the pattern in the gallery library called “JoyAnn’s First Strip Quilt” and explains in detail this technique.  It is also important to note that JoyAnn’s First Strip Quilt was done with 2.5″ strips instead of 4.5″ strips that I used in this quilt. You can read about the how to make the quilt here.

What I did was I simply sewed a square piece to the end of each of my 4.5″ strips. Then I sewed the next long strip onto the block. When I had one very long pieced strip, I then folded it in half and sewed it down the long side. I did that a total of four times.  Then I added the border with the leftover blue fabric. When you first start your strip make sure you double stitch the ends before continuing forward. You want to align the strips next to each other and sew them together.

After you have completed sewing the strips together now make sure you press the seams of the quilt. First press the seams of back of the quilt and then press the front smoothing out any dents or wrinkles. Once I was done I could see just how much this helped my quilt look and feel more smooth than before. Now you are done!! Here are the end results!



This quilt is  perfect for my full size bed and my futon as well adding some color to the room! The quilt size is about 69 1/5 and 58 1/2. with the border. If you have any questions regarding on how I made this simple strip quilt or about the method that I used, feel free to ask by going onto the Quilter’s Thread Mobile App and commenting in the blog section!

Live Well. Quilt Well.

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