Ellen Made a Quilt!

In the next few blogs, she’ll tell us what it was like. We hope experienced quilters will be inspired by her excitement and newbies will have their fears allayed.

I chose the pattern for her, and, most will see that it is a modified 1600’s quilt. The technique satisfies my criteria for first quilt:

1.) The quilt top needs to be constructed in one sitting.

2.) The pattern can’t rely on matching corners.

3.) The technique has to give the new quilter plenty of opportunity to practice a quarter inch seam.

The technique is described in the gallery library in a pattern called, “JoyAnn’s First Quilt.” The modified instructions for “Ellen’s First Quilt” will also be posted.

– Lisa

Live Well, Quilt Well.

Lisa Berentsen
Founder and President of Quilter’s Thread

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