Monthly Pattern Prize – The Bargello

Quilter’s Thread has a new pattern prize for this month and it’s one you’ll want to get. The Bargello quilt is a stunning work of art that moves in waves and curves beautifully around the quilt creating a lovely pattern that is appealing to the eye. You can use different colors of fabric to help highlight the pattern to make it look like one of a kind. What’s also great about the Bargello quilt pattern is that you can mix up the movement of the pattern if you want to make it even more unique and with more contrast.

The term Bargello came from embroidery, and was traditionally done using longer stitches that formed flame like patterns. The Bargello Quilt is one that consists of strips of fabric that are sewn together creating a path of movement. I like to think of it as a similar but more unique kind of wild version of the chevron zig-zag pattern.

What’s great about the Bargello pattern is that it is suitable for any quilter regardless if you are a beginner! Both beginners and advanced quilters say they enjoy making this kind of quilt. The quilt is constructed from strips and is very easy to piece together. The amount of time it took to piece together the quilt top was a total of six hours.

Here is a picture of our Bargello quilt pattern prize for the month of June. This quilt pattern was made with two techniques, Bargello and Convergence.

Bargello Convergence Cropped

The other technique is convergence, which is exactly what the dictionary would say; it is a coming together of two or more distinct entities. In this case, we converge two solid fabrics with Bargello piecing.

Converged Bargello (3)Converged Bargello (2)
Stay tuned for another short blog post that will go more in-depth about the convergence technique that was also used in this quilt pattern. Make sure to share with us any versions of the Bergello quilt pattern that you make on Quilter’s Thread Mobile App.
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