Five Key Tips For Machine Quilting


If you are a quilter who prefers machine quilting or are a beginner with sewing machines here are five helpful tips to help make the process of machine quilting go smoothly from start to finish.

  1. Make sure to change your needles often and you’ll see all the difference! Just like a razor blade it is never good for your quilting needles to get dull. Needles are cheap to buy so you have no excuse for switching them out for new sharp ones when needed! Some people change needles every time they finish a quilt project but trust your gut and change them when you think it’s necessary.
  2. Use a Walking Foot also called an Even Feed Foot to help your fabric feed evenly on the top and the bottom while sewing. Some people use a regular presser foot but that only feeds the bottom not the top as well. This is why it is recommend you invest in a walking foot to ensure your quilt stitches are even on both the top and bottom.
  3. Try using quilt gloves for a change! They come in all different styles and sizes, so you’ll find the right pair for you easily. Quilting gloves are a great tool to use when quilting because they give you a stronger sturdy grip while holding the quilt and moving it through the machine. Plus wearing quilting gloves will help reduce the stress of quilting on your hands.
  4. Invest in a nice table for sewing. You want to make sure that where you are sewing has a sturdy and even surface with lots of room to work so you’ll never run out of space. Having lots of space will allow for you to move your quilt easily without it falling to the floor causing gravity to drag the quilt limiting your ability to move the fabric while sewing.
  5. Match the thread color for both the top and the bobbin. Sometimes you can see dots of the bobbin thread that shows through on the top of your quilt.  If that’s something that will bother you then make sure to match the thread color. The thread doesn’t need to be exactly the same kind of fiber content or weight but should have the same shade of color.

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