The Convergence Technique

As promised in the past blog post about the Bargello pattern, here is a blog post about the convergence technique. The term convergence is defined as the process or state of converging, coming together. The convergence technique is one that uses two or more fabrics cut into strips, then sewn together, then cut and pieced together again. I love this pattern because it is visually appealing to the eye with its playful lines crossing over each other.

The convergence technique is a popular technique and is most famously used by Ricky Tims. Ricky Tims is a musician, motivational speaker and a famous quilter. He is well known for his convergence technique that he uses in his quilts as well as published in his work.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.12.18 AM

Quilt using the Convergence Technique created by Lisa Stokes.

This quilt above was created by Lisa Stokes using the Ricky Tim’s convergence technique made at one of his workshops. Notice how she picked three bold color fabrics and then one bright floral pattern to add some contrast and make it her own. That is what is so great about the convergence technique, you can swap in different fabric styles and make it to fit your own style. What’s also great about the convergence technique is that there are also many ways to use it and tweak the style when quilting.

Here are six key helpful tips when using the convergence technique:

  1. A quarter inch seam allowance is just fine for this technique. Just make sure you are consistent and accurate! Being consistent will help make the lines straight when they intertwine with each other as shown in the quilt above.
  2. When picking out the fabric I recommend choosing fabric that changes color across the surface such as multicolored or batiks. Or pick a large-scale print with other coordinating fabrics to create a cool illusion when using this technique.
  3. Place fabrics of four pieces of 12” to 18” squares together forming a big square four patch. You can use two different kinds of fabric or four different kinds of fabric. Then sew fabric squares 1 and 3 together and 2 and 4 together.
  4. Once doing this you are going to start cutting the fabric into strips of different sizes. Make sure not to make them too narrow! If the last strip seems small don’t cut it at all because it’s better to leave it as a large piece at the end then to be left with a really small strip.
  5. When you are sewing the strips together make sure that you press them in the same direction in order to make the fabric even and smooth.
  6. With any leftover fabrics go ahead and make a fun border for your quilt if you like or save it for your next quilt.

Make sure you share your quilts using the convergence technique on our Quilter’s Thread Mobile App. Also we are happy to announce that Quilter’s Thread Mobile App will be attending the Quilting Expo in Madison, WI this September. Stay tuned for more information.

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