Trending Fall and Winter Quilt Projects

With it now being August it is time to start brainstorming new ideas for fall and winter projects for all the festivities and holidays that are about to come. I love the summer but I also love the fall and winter because of all the festivals and holidays that bring family and friends back together again. As a quilter fall and winter seasons give us more time to stay inside and work on quilt projects. So here are some great fall and winter themed quilt projects that are trending right now.

Maple Leaves Quilt Pattern


Maple Leaves Quilt From Freemotion by the River

Beautiful fall colors with earth tones makes this quilt perfect for any home for decoration. You can place this Maple Leaves Quilt Pattern in the middle of the dining room table, living room area or hang in the hall to show off to your guests when they enter your home.

Pumpkin Patch Project

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.47.09 AM

Pumpkin Project from Behind the Mouse the Electric Quilt Blog created by Heidi.

This Pumpkin Patch Project from Behind The Mouse is another great fall season quilt project to make. Fall season is all about picking apples and carving pumpkins but why not sew a pumpkin patch that will last forever! What’s great about this pattern is that you can play with different fall color fabrics and make this pattern your own. Click here to see how different colors of fabric can change the appearance of the quilt pattern on Behind the Mouse the Electric Quilt Blog.

The Sapling Mini Quilt 

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.40.01 PM

Sapling Mini Quilt Pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts

This Sapling Mini Quilt Pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts is a great piece to make for the winter holidays. It’s simple blue and white colors make it easy to blend with any style of home and plus you can use it after Christmas into January and February. Finished quilt size is 8″ x 11″.

More Merriment

This Very Merry Tree Skirt from B & P Boutique created by Stacey Day is a great quilt project to make for this Christmas to lie under your tree to place presents on. Quilt size is 48″ diameter. This quilt is made with four wedge groups to make the circled skirt. You can use the fabric recommended in the Very Merry Tree Skirt instructions or you can get creative and pick your own.

Make sure you are prepared for the holidays by getting started on your seasonal quilt projects this week. Make sure to share on Quilter’s Thread Mobile App your fall and winter quilt projects.

Live Well. Quilt Well.

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