Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quilter’s Thread?

Quilter’s Thread is a mobile app that provides quilter’s with everything they need: Information about member shops and organizations, a library of reference materials, patterns, projects, show and tell, and real-time communication with other quilters and organizations.

Why is it important?

Because it is always current, it is available all the time and is wherever the quilter is.

How does it work?

Quilter’s Thread mobile app is FREE to Android, iPhone and iPad users.

Organizations pay a nominal fee for an annual membership.

Quilter’s Thread provides technical support, global content, promotions to encourage user engagement with member organizations, cost-savings over traditional advertising and communications forms, and the chance to interact with Quilters beyond your current list.

What does the app do?

  • Provides organization information including: location, hours, web link, directions, call from app, and more–all location-based.
  • Houses your Quilters Newsletters of member organizations.
  • Broadcasts Offers and Events related to member organizations.
  • Maintains a thread of live conversation channels customized for users by “favorited” organizations and content, as well as by geographic location.
  • Supplies written and video Resources covering the topics: Group Project, Show & Tell, Library of Patterns, Sizes & Measurements, Quilting & Finishing Techniques and Basic Methods.
  • Affords the opportunity for member organizations to contribute content.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Information about and from your shop goes to ALL potential customers, not just those who already know about your organization
  • Directory listing with all geo-location features: list, map, dial from application, directions from user location, link to website, etc.
  • Quilters Newsletter post (up to two per month) is available to ALL app users, reducing distribution costs and increasing circulation.
  • Weekly offers are available to ALL app users.
  • Quilter’s Thread markets your organization to app users, and provides marketing materials for you.
  • Quilter’s Thread promotions provide gift certificates to users that can only be used at Quilter’s Thread member shops.
  • Real-time feedback channel keeps your shop visible and close to ALL prospective customers.
  • You have the opportunity to submit patterns/videos/etc. with your shop reference to be considered for inclusion in Quilter’s Thread’s permanent resources sections.
  • -You have the opportunity to “group” with other shops within the application to promote shop hops or other special events.

How do I join?

It’s easy. Click Here to choose your membership level.


How is Quilter’s Thread different from Facebook, Twitter and other shop locator applications?

Most importantly…all content is available to everyone. We don’t use fancy algorithms to decide who actually gets to see your post.

Also, quilters must seek you out on Facebook and Twitter. Quilter’s Thread extends your reach to any user, not just those who already know about your organization.

Quilter’s Thread promotes for you…whether you choose to post comments or not. You don’t have to do a thing. (And, If you choose to post comments, Quilter’s Thread integrates with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.)

How is Quilter’s Thread different from other shop locator applications?

Quilter’s Thread is much more than a directory listing. It provides ALL users with geo-location based features for easily finding and contacting you, it provides a library of ever-growing information for quilters to reference, it houses your Quilters newsletters and offers, and it provides real-time communication between quilters and member organizations. Most importantly, Quilter’s Thread actually promotes your organization.