Group Project

Current Project:

We’re back on track. Here is a second option. We’re making a square pieced section of quilt into a queen size rectangle. We could do it by adding blocks and a couple of borders. What do you think? Tell us the app, or email to

Group Project 2B

Here is the entire project:

Group Project 2 (2013)


Completed Group Projects:

Project 1 (Unnamed)

The files below show the history of our first group project. App users chose the multi-color diamond design, and the quilt is being finished. The first link will take you to instructions for making the quilt.

Quilt- triangle mystery quilt

Group Project 101213 Instructions for final project.

Group Project 101213 Final designs.

Group Project 101013 History of the project.  Note: chronologically, it reads bottom to top. (I don’t think we’ll do it that way again.)