The App

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Quilter’s Thread is a FREE social networking mobile app that allows quilters to create profiles, share quilt photos, send messages, and access libraries of information about quilting, quilting tutorials, quilt shops, service providers and guilds.

The app is structured throughout with a communication feed (or “Thread”) and static information (library, events, news, etc.)

The Communications Thread “Feed” is tailored to departments/ organizations that the quilter has favorite, but the complete feed for any department or organization is visible if you go directly to that department.

If you’d like to communicate privately, simply mark your comment “private” on the interact screen.

Quilter’s Thread enables members with common interests to find each other and interact.

The app is organized by subject areas:

Quilter’s Thread Community–

Gallery: See the Quilt of the Day and share your own photos. The library has free patterns for their personal use, as well as corrections/alterations to existing patterns, (as requested by users.)

Group Project:  Quilter’s Thread poses a question or problem to the group. The quilters using the app can weigh in with suggestions and opinions, as we go through the process of designing and finishing a quilt. When the quilt is complete, the pattern is posted in the library.

Quilter’s Thread User Blog: See our current blog topics and use the library to read them.

Tips, References and Tools: See our Tips of the Day, and use the library for info on anything from homemade starch to yardage requirements.

Tutorials and other App help: It’s a new area now, but we’re filling it the answers to your questions about the app.

The Basics: The fundamentals don’t change much over time… accurate cutting, stitching, pressing, etc. provide the foundation for any project. You’ll find references and quilting tutorials here to learn from scratch or to refresh your memory.

Organizations: Shops, Online Shops, Individual Service Providers, Guilds

These entities pay a membership fee for their spot in the app. For our member organizations, you’ll find the communication feed, events/news, offers, and details: hours, directions (from your actual location,) phone (with dial-from-app capability.)


More coming soon here, but we can tell you, besides the free pattern you receive with your initial sign in, we will soon a program where you earn points and get free things just for using the app.

Quilter’s Thread is available for iPhone, iPad and Android or on the web. Find us in your store, and remember….it’s FREE!

Questions?  Email