Rag Quilts for Life

Rag quilts are a great way to make a quilt out of any left over scraps of fabric you have laying around or even old flannel shirts or blue jeans that your family has grown out of but are still in good condition. What’s great about rag quilts is it allows you to hold on to these clothing items and keep the memories forever in a blanket that your family can then use as a blanket on the couch or even hang it up on the wall. So why not hold on to those memories and make a rag quilt for you next quilting project!


Most rag quilts are made in square blocks of fabric. Depending on the size of the fabric that you have to make the quilt you can make you squares bigger or smaller. Making your squares of fabric bigger though will help make the process of completing the quilt go way faster since you won’t have to attach as many squares together. Or if you have longer pieces of fabric you can make long rectangle shaped blocks to make up your rag quilt as well.

photo 1

Baby Boy Rag Quilt from Quilting In The Rain.

Rag quilts are also a great way to make with any baby clothing that you have that you want to hold on to as well. Or you can even make a rag quilt for the holidays coming up such as Thanksgiving or Christmas that your family can use to keep warm during this winter.

When making the rag quilt you can choose where you want to place you blocks of squares. For instance, some people like to create different rows of blocks with different shades of color giving it a pattern of stripes or some quilters simply place the individual blocks of fabric wherever they please giving it a more rustic look that took no effort.

Your options on how to make your own unique rag quilt are endless! So pick a theme you want to do and make your rag quilt. Make sure to post your finished results of your quilt on our Quilter’s Thread Mobile App. If you haven’t downloaded the app go to our home page for more information. Keep posted and watch the gallery feed on the app to see pictures posted of rag quilts in the next week and make sure to check out our blogs in the future for tips on how to make rag quilts.

Live Well. Quilt Well.


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