July Pattern Prize – Grandma’s Bow Tie

Our new pattern prize for this month is Grandma’s Bow Tie quilt pattern. This is a great quilt pattern for trying new colors and fabrics because of the bow ties interlocking with each other making it a playful and fun design.

Grandma Book (1)

This pattern consists of blocks that have circles in the middle that connects with the other block and so on, creating the Bow Tie pattern overall. Go ahead and get creative by using random colors of fabrics when making this pattern. This type of quilt pattern would make an excellent I SPY game with kids and friends as well. Use fun patterns of animals and objects to make the game more interesting just like the I SPY books.

Make sure to share with us any versions of Grandma’s Bow Tie quilt pattern that you make on our Quilter’s Thread Mobile App. Also remember to stay active on Quilter’s Thread Mobile App in order to earn points to win this free pattern at the end of the month. Comments, uploading photos, and responding to surveys generate 1 point each. Liking 3 things on the app generates 1 point. Earn 10 points gets you a free pattern and 40 points gets you a free pattern or a Quilter’s Thread cloth shopping bag. Earn 75 points gets you a free pattern, shopping bag, and a $20 gift card.

Live Well. Quilt Well.

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