Tips on How to Save a Damaged Quilt

When your favorite quilt gets ruined or torn it can be a hard thing to get over. Whether it is a quilt that has been passed down by a family member or whether it was your first ever quilt made and is now starting to fall apart. Quilts no matter how hard we try to preserve them can and often do slowly start to fall apart or get damaged after years go by. However, it doesn’t mean you have to throw that beautiful quilt out. If you find that your quilt is falling apart here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you repair your quilt instead of ditching it!

Use An Applique Patch

If you have a part in your quilt that is the main area that is damaged and is impossible to fix try to fill that area with an applique patch to cover up the damaged area. Start by assessing the area that is damaged and then measure to make sure your patch will effectively cover up the whole area and will blend well with the rest of the quilt. Take your quilt with you to your local quilt shop and ask them for advice. Also have them help you find similar fabric type and colors for the patch that will match well with the quilt.

Resizing the Quilt

If you find that the quilt edges and or border are starting to fall apart, try making your quilt into a smaller version of itself in order to save the rest of the quilt. This is a last resort if there is no other way to save the whole quilt. You can turn your large version quilt into a table runner or a baby size quilt. By resizing your quilt you can save most of the design without having to throw the whole thing away.

Recreate the old quilt

If the whole quilt is completely ruined sometimes the best option then is to make the same quilt pattern from scratch. By doing this it is giving you the quilt pattern that you love but a completely fresh, brand new quilt that will last longer while still giving you the design that you love so much.

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