Modern Quilts are a RIOT

First of all, what is modern quilting? The definition is still evolving, but we can understand modern quilts as those that are fairly minimalistic, use bold colors and high contrast with generous negative space, and are abstract not representational.

Picture1The debate is in full swing, traditional vs art quilts vs modern quilts. I believe there is a place for all, but I understand the appeal of Modern quilts in our schedule-driven world.

I’ve always been attracted to modern designs, but the true allure of Modern Quilting is TIME. The piecing and quilting of a modern quilt is generally faster. The time from design to binding is generally faster.

I’ve heard career quilters preach against the movement, saying “take your time, it’s about the journey.”

I agree that it’s about the journey. I am far from too old for an adventure. But, as I’ve grown older, I am increasingly rewarded by the destination. A six hour hike is nice. A siz hour hike to a secluded glacial lake is wonderfully rewarding. So is the last stitch on the binding of a quilt.

At this point in my life, I’m looking for good RIOTs. That is, good RETURNS on INVESTMENT OF TIME. To me, a good RIOT has a happy ending. I’ve given up collecting UFO’s, and have committed to finishing.

While the design process is no shorter, cutting, piecing and finishing a modern quilt is much quicker for me. There is much less chance I will lose interest  before it is finished, or that another more important project will arise before it is finished. And, having enjoyed the journey, when I arrive at the destination, the question becomes, Where aM I going next? To another RIOT, I hope.

Lisa Berentsen
Founder and President of Quilter’s Thread

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