Color Choice and Placement is Key in Quilt-Making

The doctors say my husband is color blind.  Clearly, his color tastes are different than mine because his experience of color is different than mine. (I think it is true of all of us, even those the doctors don’t label.) My husband, Tom, sees warm colors vividly, but has trouble distinguishing blues, blacks and grays. When he chose fabrics for a quilt, I decided I need to “fix” his color choice, and an interesting process ensued. I simply replaced his oranges with greens and experimented with the placement of colors and voila, he couldn’t even tell the quilts were the same pattern.

two fo Tom orange

Two for Tom Blue 3To me, these quilts really illustrate the importance of color choice and placement. The complete design process has been documented and is posted in the Gallery Library in the app. The quilt is easily constructed from strips. We’re writing the pattern and will post that, as well.

Live well. Quilt well.

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